Home Remedies for whitening teeth


Our viewpoint on Home Remedies for whitening teeth.


Having great white teeth is everybody’s dream since it helps boost one’s confidence. Discolored or yellow teeth occur due to wearing out of the enamel and poor dental hygiene. It can also be caused by certain foods and drinks such as tea and coffee, smoking and some medications. Having discolored teeth can prevent you from living a happy life since one will always avoid smiling or laughing in front of people.

And here are two home remedies that we at our Wilmslow Dental Clinic would recommend:

  1.       Flossing /Interdental Brushing

Flossing helps remove any stains between your teeth. Not many people use this option it is recommended that you floss twice daily.

  1.       Using a straw while taking certain beverages

This remedy may sound a little crazy since you do not expect one to drink wine with a straw in front of people. Where appropriate, one should use a straw especially in beverages that contribute to teeth discoloration to avoid direct contact.

However, if you ever come across any of the following home remedies, as dentists, we would advise to avoid them because they are not safe for your teeth and the best way to whitening teeth is still visiting a dentist. Here they are:

  1.      Use of hydrogen peroxide and baking soda
  2.      Using salt or juice from lemons
  3.      Using banana skin
  4.      Using strawberries
  5.      Using apple cider vinegar


Dental health is essential than many of us realize. You should have all the facts about how the health of your teeth, gum and mouth affects your general body health. Visit your dentist in Wilmslow so as to get professional assistance.