Cosmetic Treatment

Cosmetic Treatment

Restore Your Smile!

At Knutsford Road Dental Clinic, we use the finest state-of-the-art equipment as well as the most up to date techniques and materials to help restore your smile.

Check out some of our cosmetic dentistry treatments below:

Cosmetic Treatment Wilmslow Cheshire

A filling replaces part of a tooth that has been lost because of decay or accidental damage. Knutsford Road Dental Clinic is a mercury/amalgam free practice offering high quality composite fillings, carefully selected to match the original shade and shape of the tooth.

A filling will normally be carried out under local anaesthetic.  The affected area will be cleared of decay or loose filling, the tooth will be washed and dryed.  Then the filling will be inserted before a light is applied to set the filling. The filling will then be smoothed off and polished.

Crowns can be used to correct and improve the appearance of teeth. Crowns can be used on broken or weak teeth to improve their appearance and strength. Also, changes can be achieved in the positioning and arrangement of crowded and twisted teeth using crowns.

Porcelain veneers are thin shell of porcelain, often wafer thin that cover the front surface of the tooth. It is often the material of choice for those looking to change the tooth shape, size, and/or colour.

Composite Veneers (or composite bonding) are used to improve the shape, colour, position and alignment to make them more aesthetically pleasing and attractive. This can be completed in one visit and requires little to no preparation to the teeth, meaning they are more preservative than conventional porcelain veneers which require the tooth to be drilled down before placement.

Teeth can be stained by foods, drinks, smoking and certain medications. Teeth whitening is a safe procedure that can lighten the colour of your teeth by using a safe dental bleaching agent. Individual results vary and are based on your initial tooth colour and the severity of your tooth staining. At Knutsford Road Dental we offer a number of different  teeth whitening systems to tailor individual needs.

When you have one or more missing teeth, then a dental bridge may be used to fill the gaps. A bridge is a custom made, false tooth, created from porcelain that is supported by adjacent teeth. They improve your appearance, bite issues and speech problems occurring as a result of missing teeth.

Short-term braces are used to quickly straighten and correct the most visible front teeth in a discreet and comfortable manner. Here at Knutsford Road Dental Clinic, we offer a number of different systems. Please call us on 01625 403 673 to book in for a free consultation.

Lines and wrinkles are a fact of life but as we age, they become more apparent, often leading to many of us looking older than we feel. Every time we smile or frown, we use underlying muscles in our face. As these muscles expand and contract, over time these crease the skin and gradually wear away the collagen in the skin which then leads to lines and wrinkles appearing on our faces. At Knutsford Road Dental Clinic, we use anti-wrinkle injectables to relax the facial muscles  preventing the formation of line wrinkles and smoothing out existing ones. 

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