Composite Veneers Offer

Composite Veneers

Composite veneers are used to improve the colour, shape, size and texture of teeth to make them more attractive. They can be used to fix minor chips and cracks in teeth. They are different from porcelain veneers in that they require no or little tooth reduction (drilling).
On average composite veneers are expected to last between 2-5 years.

Composite Veneer Offer:

1 composite veneer – £139

2 composite veneers – £269

4 composite veneers – £435

6 composite veneers – £779

Composite Veneer Advantages:

  • No or little preparation thereby preserving tooth tissue 
  • Less costly than Porcelain veneers
  • No injections required 
  • All can be carried out in one visit

Composite Veneer Disadvantages:

  • With time they slowly begin to change colour 
  • Can chip or break 
  • Not all patients suitable 

Some Indications For Composite Veneers Include:

  • Stained or darkened teeth
  • Hypocalcification
  • Multiple diastemas(gaps)
  • Peg laterals
  • Chipped teeth

Composite veneers are an increasingly popular cosmetic dentistry procedure performed at Knutsford Road Dental Clinic at an affordable price. The following photos demonstrate 6 upper Composite Veneers carried out by Dr Rajabi.

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