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same day Emergency appointments are one of our specialties as we are the first clinic to provide such service every day of the year, in Cheshire since 2014. We operate 365 days a year -support line, which provides advice, support and appointments with us or our other available dental clinics. We work closely with other practices as a triage centre to helping those in need of urgent care.

We offer a same day emergency appointment for anyone who is in urgent need of dental care. 

  • We will see you immediately when possible
  • Make an assessment with a provisional diagnosis
  • Guide you through the proposed treatments
  • After the treatment we will text or call you to ensure everything is ok

Wisdom Teeth & Dental Extractions

Commonly the wisdom tooth, in an attempt to erupt, will be prevented in doing so by the teeth in front. As such, the wisdom tooth will remain partially or completely below the line of the gum (also called impaction). This can lead to an infection around the wisdom tooth or lead to problems with adjacent teeth.

Sedation is offered for teeth extractions if required.

There are specific guidelines for the removal of these impacted wisdom teeth which the dentist will advise you on. In some cases it is required that the gum around the tooth to be lifted back and the bone around the tooth to be selectively removed to allow the wisdom tooth to be removed.

Broken dentures

Broken dentures can cause disruption to many important aspects of everyday life, as patients have to go about their daily business without functional teeth. Accidents happen though, which is why it’s important to know what to do if your denture breaks.

Broken dentures can cause massive disruption to a denture wearer’s life and is thus considered a dental emergency. Without dentures, speak and eating will be affected. In turn, self-confidence will plummet, with further damage to mental and emotional well being.

Dentures can break for a variety of reasons, despite withstanding the pressure of the jawbone. For example, a denture is vulnerable to the following accidents; dropping your dentures onto a hard surface, heat damage, if boiling water is used during cleaning.

What should I do if my denture breaks?

If your denture breaks, you must see a dentist immediately for repair. There is a strong chance that your denture may break during hours that your dentist is typically closed. In situations like these, please contact the clinic for the first available appointment. 

If the tooth has been lost

If the tooth has been lost, it must be replaced as soon as possible. The following treatments are common ways to replace missing teeth:

Dental implants: these are artificial roots attached permanently to the jawbone with the use of a titanium screw. Your dentist will drill into the jawbone to do this, and you will be administered with a local anesthetic.
Partial dentures: these are removable devices that are clipped onto the surrounding teeth using metal clasps.
Dental bridges: a dental bridge is an artificial tooth that is fixed permanently to the teeth at either side of the gap left by the lost tooth. Dental cement is used to fix a bridge in place.
Not only do these procedures improve the aesthetics of your smile, they also improve the functionality of your teeth.

If a lost tooth isn’t replaced, your dental health as a whole will suffer. The remaining teeth, without the support of the missing tooth, will have to handle much more pressure when biting.

If you have a missing tooth, please call 01625 403 673 immediately to speak to our emergency dentist now.

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